Our Work

Dialogue needs time, space and practice.

Europas Märchen Yasemin Akyol

Images: (c) Avrupa’nın Efsaneleri / Europa’s Märchen/ Europe’s fairy tales von Yasemin Akyol

ADAM is an educational institution, a research platform and a counselling agency. We develop our projects and modules with holistic perspectives on local, regional and international levels.

ADAM’s projects and initiatives deal with and support

  • Knowledge and perspectives from Europe and the Orient;
  • Democracy, respect for human rights and equality;
  • Conflict resolution and peace work;
  • Inter-religious and intercultural encounters;
  • Development and contribution to SDG implementation;
  • Empowerment of women and young people;
  • Freedom of media, art and science;
  • Common good and solidarity in immigration and pluralistic societies;
  • Education and cooperation for environmental and climate protection;
  • Creative industries and applied arts;
  • Creativity, art and intercultural approaches in therapy and counseling;

The above mentioned we want to work upon through:

  • Analogue and digital meeting formats (social labs, workshops, travel-in-dialogue, in-residence programmes, excellence programmes, summer/ winter schools…);
  • Advocacy of „good practice“ by multipliers from politics, economy, science, culture and society;
  • Local counselling and programme support for scientific research seminars, artists and cultural practitioners
  • Training events, encounter and exchange programmes through counselling and implementation support at home and abroad

Academy for Dialogue Application and Mediation