The young Egyptian artist Yasmin Khalil Korayem is developing a play based on dreams. For this she is also supported by the Province of Styria with a studio grant in September and October 2022.

“I believe that dreams deserve to be discussed, and deciphered. Dreams are unique to each person and yet, many elements, symbols and codes involved can be found in different cultures and beliefs. Surprisingly, they could also hold universal interpretations. So let us write about the dreams we had! There exists a value behind this and there is nothing to lose. For if dreams have meaning, we gain a new vision in our life and if they are meaningless…least we can do is to appreciate them for the recreational sentiments they provide us from night to night.”

ADAM also offers writing workshops at the School of Existence of St. Lambrecht Abbey.

Still in planning is the SCRIPTORIUM, a contemporary writing room, a creative text workshop, a script and book art studio, a writing salon for personality development, a learning studio in the field of poetry- and bibliotherapy. A separate writing retreat is designed to successfully support people with demanding writing projects (master’s theses, dissertations, book projects, …) – with an accompanying program if desired.

Images: (c) Künstler: Amged Al-Tohami, „Dance of Life“, UBUNTU Galerie, Kairo, Miniatur Avrupa’nın Efsaneleri/ Europa’s Märchen/ Europe’s fairy tales von Yasemin Akyol, the remaining Yasemin Khalil Korayem