Urban Anthropology Program

UAP is meant to stretch links between Europe and Egypt through different activities and venues: lectures, seminars and conferences, training courses, art exhibitions, public events as well as in-residency-programmes.

UAP designates each month to a specific subject, inviting international and national experts and artists for seminars, workshops for researchers, national and exchange programs students alike.

Art exhibitions and special events contribute to the success of this informed network.

The UAP is curated with Dr. Ahmed Sedky has 25 years of experience with architectural design, development management, culturalactivities and campaign planning and organization, training and teaching. He is the author of a book titled: Living With Heritage in Cairo:Area Conservation in the Arab Islamic City, published in 2009 by the American University Cairo Press.

Among local cooperation partners is Bayt Yakan

Bilder: (c) Bayt Yakan (Bayt Yakan), die restlichen Bilder (c) Ahmed Sedky